E-store E-Sprinkler Oy

E-Sprinkler Oy is a Finnish manufacturer of

·         sprinklers 

·         electric junction boxes 


Sprinklers with a unique technology of electrical activation and monitoring of activation.

Traditional sprinkler technology was improved by using modern technical solutions. For this purpose design of sprinklers was changed and special systems for managing such sprinklers were developed.

Controlled sprinklers

The technology of electrical activation of sprinklers provides possibility of their actuation" after receiving an electrical signal; possibility of standard activation is not excluded.

Electrical activation can significantly reduce the time before extinguishing and effectively blocks the spread of fire.

Junction boxes

Fireproof junction boxes and electric junction boxes.

Electric junction boxes

Electric junction boxes are used for connection and branching of electric cables, which are branched via surface wiring in electric circuits with voltage up to 600 V.

All fireproof junction boxes electrical tests in VDE facilities and have VDE certificate.

Inside the body of the box there is a steel galvanized  height needed for fitting of terminal blocks.

Also, terminal blocks for high angle installation can be used, for example terminal blocks Wago.

Terminal blocks are not included into a supply package.

Fireproof junction boxes

Fireproof junction boxes produced by “E-Sprinkler” OY are used for saving cable integrity in conditions of fire.

All  fireproof junction boxes passed E30 tests in MPA Dresden laboratories and all the electrical tests in VDE facilities.

It is confirmed by availability of all the needed documents for this production.