Fireproof junction boxes

JBG1515 S IP66 (16*2,5)
JBG1515 S IP66 (16*2,5)
JBG1515 S IP66 (16*2,5)

JBG1515 S IP66 (16*2,5)

Model:JBG1515 S IP66 (16*2,5)
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Certificate TR TC Certificate VDE Passport JBG1515 S IP66 (16х*2,5)

WERIT terminal blocks 2х2.5 (16 contacts);

RST М20х1,5 cable glands – 4pcs.; 

Diameter of connected cable 6-12 mm2

A box consists of a frame, a cap with a gasket and fittings. There are clamps installed inside the box for connection of terminal blocks. Grounding is provided via a grounding clamp.

Body is made from stainless steel.

Coated with powder compound Interpon

All the outside fittings are made from stainless steel 08Х18Н10 or the same one

Sealing gaskets are made from silicon rubber: “Silicon mixture NLS-40-VK50”.

Cable glands RST (Nickel Plated Brass)


Operating temperature

-400С≤Ta≤ +100

Nominal voltage, V




WERIT ceramic (porcelain) terminal technical characteristic

Terminal block

Nominal cross-section,


Nominal current, А

Nominal voltageV

2x2,5 article 12021200





Quantity of WERIT ceramic terminal blocks

Size of the body

Type of terminal block

Max. quantity of terminal blocks


2x2,5 article 12021200


2x4,0 article 12221200

2x6,0 article 12321200

2x10 article 12421200

2x10 article 12421200


Are marked with WERIT marking and VDE  and  450V 

All JBG-series fireproof boxes have been fire tested in MPA Dresden GmbH laboratory for E30 fire resistance degree.

Main parameters
Box type Fireproof
Protection degree IP66
Body material Stainless steel
Size, mm 150х150х60
Quantity of cable glands, up to 8
Quantity of contacts, up to 16

Temperature range:- 40ºC to +100ºC.

Weight for IP66 stainless steel, not more than 1.8 kg

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